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The Truth About Work-Life Balance

Over the years, I have asked everyone from solo freelancers to big-time CEOs how they balance work and the rest of their lives. The conclusion I have drawn from the collective answers is this :
The very concept of work-life balance is misleading.
Not only that, but there’s a fundamental problem with the way the antidotes to overworking and burnout […]

The Key to Work-Life Balance?

The Key to Work-Life Balance? Integration of Those 2 Concepts.

The realities of maintaining a work-life balance have always been challenging. But, better integrating the two concepts is the solution. Managing the way we work both inside and outside of our traditional working day is not only possible, but ultimately beneficial, for most people. And, because of technological advancements and changing attitudes in work-life balance, we’ve actually become wired […]

3 Ways the Work Environment Defines the Entrepreneur

Ah, the hardworking entrepreneur. In Hollywood stories, we are the people who spend all day hustling to make a buck; spending nearly twenty hours a day in our garage or building our network of contacts in order to beat back the competition. While it’s true I keep long hours, I’ve noticed that I don’t have a film crew following […]

9 Revolutionary Companies to Watch

This year is off and running with some extraordinary companies starting to make a name for themselves.
I attend countless conferences and meetups. Over the course of my travels I meet with some of the most promising companies in the world. They’ve lead me over the years to discover three billion dollar unicorns before anyone else had written about them. Rather […]


3 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Metallica

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you’ve probably heard of Metallica, a heavy metal band that is one of the “Big Four” credited with bringing heavy, thrash metal music to the forefront of the music industry.
Despite ever-shifting music trends, drastic changes in how music is consumed and infinite competition, the band still manages […]


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