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Online Reputation

Helpful tips to help business owners manage their online reputation

Successfully manage your online reputation.
1. Set Up Online Accounts and Monitor Them
At the very least, your company should have a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account. For many high-tech, B2B and other professional businesses, you may also want to set up a Linkedin account. If you sell visually oriented products, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram may also be useful. Finally, if […]


How Should You Position Your Personal Brand?

There are many different ways you can position your personal brand in the market. Each will attract a different kind of clientele. How do you position your personal brand to attract the ideal kind of clients?
Here are a few different ways to position your personal brand
==> Being First or Original

If you can firmly establish yourself as the first or […]


Branding Yourself

Branding has undergone a fast paced evolution and today it has emerged into a very influential revolution in the print, electronic, outdoor and new media.
Branding is a process that evokes an emotional reaction in the target segment.
Branding stimulates and persuades the target segment by making home feel the difference that any particular brand has made to the […]

klout score

Does A High Klout Score Mean Internet Marketing Success?

With the increasing focus of social media in today’s online world, many online marketers have taken a great deal of time and effort to improve their social media presence. In addition, they have taken the time to develop their social media marketing campaigns to improve their authority in their niches and boost their bottom lines. These efforts […]


Why Branding Is Crucial in Niche Marketing

When it comes to branding, most people tend to think of big brand advertising : Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Microsoft spend money on branding. But it doesn’t really apply to smaller businesses – or does it?
Believe it or not, branding is actually crucial to success in a small industry
In this article, you’ll learn why that is, plus several of the […]


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