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18 Things to Know Before You Date an Entrepreneur

18 Things to Know Before You Date an Entrepreneur

So, you want to date an entrepreneur. (This could be the name of the next big game show.) It’s a wild ride, and if you aren’t an entrepreneur yourself, you may be caught offguard by their odd habits and quirks. Don’t fret. Dating an entrepreneur is a great experience, but there are a few things you should know.
1. They […]

8 Ways to Fund Your Startup

8 Ways to Fund Your Startup

Running your own business is a great way to experience career flexibility and financial independence. While it’s an idea that has crossed nearly everyone’s mind at one point or another, very few actually capitalize on such thoughts. There are a number of common barriers that are inherent to the startup process itself, but none are more critical than the […]

online marketing has changed the way we do local business

The Evolution of Online Marketing and What Impact it has on YOUR Local Business

About 15 years ago or as we like to refer to it, BG (Before Google), the marketing choices local business owners had to make were very limited and straightforward.
It generally consisted of the yearly decision regarding the placement and ad type in the Yellow Pages listing, the budget and ad planning for advertisements in local newspapers and perhaps […]

Excuses Local Business Use to Avoid the Internet

5 Excuses Local Business Use to Avoid the Internet

When it comes to internet marketing, social marketing, websites, etc., many local business owners sometimes let their fears and feelings get in the way of a sound business strategy.
Top 5 Excuses Local Business Use to avoid the Internet
1. I am not a techie
People often think they need to be a technical juggernaut to use the internet and […]

digital marketing

3 Ways to Ease Into Digital Marketing

Every business that wants to be successful in today’s marketplace must participate in digital marketing. We are living in a digital world. Operating in an analog frame of mind will do nothing for perpetuating further success.
Stay up with your competition by learning how to ease your way into digital marketing so you can experience all of the benefits […]


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