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3 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Metallica

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you’ve probably heard of Metallica, a heavy metal band that is one of the “Big Four” credited with bringing heavy, thrash metal music to the forefront of the music industry.
Despite ever-shifting music trends, drastic changes in how music is consumed and infinite competition, the band still manages […]

3 Proven Ways to Stay Consistent, Meet your Goals and Realize Your Dreams

After years of running my own small business and observing successful people, I’ve come to one important observation about the true key to success: Be consistent. The entrepreneurs and leaders who show up every day, display their best selves day-in and day-out, year after year — those are the successful ones.
In the same way that empires are built brick by […]

marketing your small business

6 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Small Business

Sometimes budget limits small businesses from executing their marketing ideas, but not every successful strategy requires a lot of money.
Six outside the box ways to do when marketing your small business that are both inexpensive and effective.
1. Get personal.
Customers love the opportunity to make something their own. Studies have shown that 56 percent of consumers said receiving a […]

Running a Successful Business With Your Spouse

The 5 Commandments of Running a Successful Business With Your Spouse

Being an entrepreneur comes with a unique set of challenges but running your successful business jointly with your spouse can take that to a whole different level.
Can this be a successful business both personally and professionally?
Absolutely. But it must be done with a great deal of care.
Here are the five commandments of Running a Successful Business With Your […]

Captivate Your Audience

Tell Your Startup’s Story and Captivate Your Audience. Here’s How.

When successful brands record their core values, those values transcend the paper they’re written on: They move beyond mere mission statements and marketing strategies.They engage people in a living, breathing story of what those brands stand for.
In order for you to get your own startup to this point, you have to excel at one important thing: storytelling.
The power of a […]


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