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3 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Metallica

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past years, you’ve probably heard of Metallica, a heavy metal band that is one of the “Big Four” credited with bringing heavy, thrash metal music to the forefront of the music industry.
Despite ever-shifting music trends, drastic changes in how music is consumed and infinite competition, the band still manages […]

Running a Successful Business With Your Spouse

The 5 Commandments of Running a Successful Business With Your Spouse

Being an entrepreneur comes with a unique set of challenges but running your successful business jointly with your spouse can take that to a whole different level.
Can this be a successful business both personally and professionally?
Absolutely. But it must be done with a great deal of care.
Here are the five commandments of Running a Successful Business With Your […]

Manny Khoshbin

5 Success Tips From a Multimillionaire Who Used to Work at Kmart – Manny Khoshbin

Take a look at entrepreneur Manny Khoshbin‘s 650,000-plus follower Instagram account: you’ll see his drool-worthy supercars, palatial properties, meticulously tailored suits, and wonderful family life. But as you scroll through the evidence of his success, you’ll notice something else.
Many of his posts are peppered with inspirational quotes, advice and support for entrepreneurs. Khoshbin’s profile is something akin to a […]

financial security

Don’t Let Student Debt Paired With Startup Debt Demolish Your Financial Security.

The notion of a startup founder with student-loan debt evokes the clichéd image of a Silicon Valley millennial fresh out of college and living in a shared apartment, playing video games and feverishly pitching angel investors to fund his (or her) next “big idea” — from 3D printing to the next Facebook.
But what about someone born before America landed on the moon? Someone alive […]

great marketing and great first date

Why Great Marketing Is Like a Great First Date

When you go on a first date with someone, do you tell them how wonderful you are and all the great things you can do, then ask them to marry you? Probably not.
And yet, this is exactly what the vast majority of startups and small businesses do when it comes to their marketing materials. Whether it’s a brochure, a […]


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