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marketing blunders that hamper a startup's growth

Marketing blunders that hamper a startup’s growth

Sales and Marketing can either make or break a business. However, a lot of first-time entrepreneurs believe that if the product is really good, customers will come. That is not necessarily true.
When business is slow, one of the first places startups cut costs is marketing, when in fact they should be increasing their marketing budget.
Startups inherently face a number […]

mobile ready

Mobile is Now a Major Factor in Ranking Your Website

If your company website is not mobile-ready, more than likely, you’ve been missing out on potential customers. When mobile users try to access websites that are not mobile responsive, it’s a truly frustrating experience.
Most of these searchers move on to your competitors’ websites and never return to yours. So as you can guess, these are lost leads.
But now, there’s […]

mobile website

Are You Running Your Mobile Website Marketing Correctly?

The mobile revolution might have come in with a whisper instead of the anticipated bang, but one thing is for sure, there is no denying its presence. For any entity looking to stay competitive in today’s market, having a mobile website is a necessity. Not only that, integrating sound mobile website marketing strategies into your sales campaigns […]

Digital Marketing Trends Local Business

Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 (Local Business Edition)

With technology advancing so rapidly, it is important for marketers and local business owners to stay abreast of new developments and take advantage of them. 2016 is slowly progressing and it is still not too late to apply these strategies to your local businesses.
Video Marketing
Video marketing is already hugely popular, so this trend isn’t exactly new. However, there […]


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