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Search Engine Reputation Management

5 Steps to Getting Started with Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

Let’s talk about your online reputation.
If you’re running a business, you know how important it is to make sure you have a stellar reputation.
The last thing you need is for your business to lose money because of a few negative comments from customers.
This is especially true when it comes to your online reputation.
Check out these statistics:
In the age of […]

put your business online

Why Your Local Business needs to be Online

The bottom line is, you want to maximize your profits. The more money your local business makes, the healthier it will be and the more successful you will find yourself.
Building an online presence, whether you are a novice or an expert, is utterly essential in achieving this.
The Internet is the most important marketing avenue you can pursue, and […]

Optimizing your blog for search engines

Optimizing your blog for search engines

Competition is fierce online, and the top places on the search result pages are the most hunted for; therefore, any blog owner who tries to make money on the Internet needs to use a whole strategy to attract the best visitors and the highest traffic.
The working principle for the blog optimization for search engines is the keyword.
When […]


Local Citations and How They Impact Your Online Visibility

Usually when you hear that you have received a “citation” it is a bad thing, but in the internet marketing world, the opposite is true. If you own a business and you have heard of or read about citations, you may have been confused about exactly what they are.
In simple terms, a citation in the online world refers to […]

social media impact seo

How Social Media Activity Impacts SEO

The key to website marketing success is search engine optimization, or SEO. Obviously, as a business owner, you want your website to be listed among the top search results when people search for something related to your products or services.
While there are many ways to enhance the SEO of your website, it is important to note that social […]


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