Top 5 Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Business

No other social media site has experienced such rapid growth in such a short period of time as Google+. Google+ is a bit new to social media world, only being established in December 2011. Yet, within a year, its population had increased so much that as of December 2012, 500 million users had registered for the site.

Google+ is still growing and its population is predicted to double.

Google+ is different from other social media sites because it provides everything the other popular sites provide, yet offers new ways for users to engage, with popular applications such as “Hang Outs” and “Circles.”

Furthermore, their special approach to business pages allows companies to interact and share information in a way that hasn’t been done before.

If you still haven’t created a Google+ business page for your company, consider the following 5 reasons why you should :

1. Google+ offers free business accounts to every company, no matter how large or small.
With a business account, you have a social version of your company website that you are in direct control of. You can customize your profile with your company logo and colors, promote your services, and engage with your audience. In addition, Google+ offers social reports to business pages. Social reports give you an in-depth view of your followers, including who your target is, how many people are viewing your page, the impact of your recommendations, and more.

2. Google+ provides high-quality video conferencing.
If you need to conduct a business meeting, have a Q&A session with consumers, or even demonstrate a new product to potential customers, video sessions are available at no charge to both personal and business members. All that’s needed is a Google+ account, a microphone, and webcam. Anyone invited to a video conference can interactively engage with others while sharing different applications, such as videos, slideshow presentations, photos, documents, and more.

3. You can categorize your Google+ contacts into “Circles”.
The Circles feature allows you to make up as many follower categories as you need. For example, one circle of followers could be potential customers while another circle of follower could be business contacts. Circles are a convenient way to target a specific audience when sending out messages and updates. You can choose to send updates to a specific set of circles only or can share information with all of your circles. You are in direct control of who sees what on your business page.

4. With a Google+ business account, you’ll also be listed for free in the Google local business directory as well as Google Maps.
Keep in mind that most consumers use the directory to search for local products and services, so having your business in the local Google+ is particularly beneficial.

5. Google is already a trusted search engine.
Being connected to the largest and most comprehensive search engine helps businesses on Google+ rank higher in search results. When you create a business account on Google+, Google gets a boost in spotting your keywords, making it simpler for your company website and Google+ page to move up during organic searches.

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