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How to Quickly Create Expert Content for Your Online Business

Everyone knows content is king — it’s what draws customers in and keeps them invested in your brand or company.
You know that your audience can tell the difference between quality content and substandard work, but you also know you can’t spend days or even hours on a single project — you have to keep feeding the beast. 
But, how can […]

3 Habits of Exceptionally Productive Leaders

Productivity isn’t about getting more done, but about getting what matters most done. With this in mind, here are three habits productive leaders do differently to focus on what matters most.
Productive leaders dump their to-do list
You need to prioritize to be productive. Most to-do lists, however, prioritize the wrong activities. They tend to focus on important issues that feel pressing rather than […]

3 Ways Being a Bookworm Translates to Career Success

Reading may have traditionally been seen as one of life’s great pleasures, but in the age of smartphones, game consoles and Netflix, amusing oneself with blocks of unmoving text has become increasingly unappealing. Amongst American adults, 1 in 4 read no books at all.
But books are important. They fire our imagination and immerse us in new worlds. They make us […]

influencer marketing

5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest, and effective, ways to get your brand in front of a massive targeted audience. Why? Because it works, and works extremely well. My agency has been in the influencer marketing game since long before it was a buzzword, and it’s become such a large business that we launched a second agency, blerrp, […]

Essentials of Influencer Marketing

Why does Forbes say Influencer marketing will “explode” in 2017?

What is Influencer marketing? How do you do it? And why does Forbes say it will “explode” in 2017?
In old school marketing departments, staff would spend hours analyzing analytics from scattershot mass marketing campaigns. The strategy was to make sure every set of eyes saw the message, whether they fit the target market or not.
Today, marketers in the know […]


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