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The Power of Local Marketing for Small Businesses

The Power of Local Marketing for Small Businesses

There are many ways to attract customers with the use of LOCAL MARKETING
1. Understand the search : It is important to be visible in different local engine searches like Google, Bing, etc. But at the same time, for small businesses, it is equally important and beneficial to show up on local search engines, e.g. local.com, City Site, […]

Local Marketing Dos and Donts

Local Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Local Marketing DO’s
1. TARGET : Your product should meet the needs of an extensive group of customers, but it is clear that you cannot target all the customers at the same time. So first of all you have to target those customers who fall under the category of your niche.
2. RESEARCH : Yeah, everyone knows that it is very […]

Local Marketing Essentials

Local Marketing Essentials (Top 3 Things You Need)

Having a great online presence is one of the best local marketing strategies one can have.
But building up this online presence does not take overnight, but then you can speed up the process with some very important tools.
So here are the top 3 local marketing tools you need.
1. Website (Make sure it is mobile responsive)
Your first line of offense […]

local marketing

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is a comprehensive plan that works to drive local traffic to local businesses
Local markets made up of the customers located within a particular region where services are offered.
Local marketing engages your local customers at the location level, and it is the best way to connect with your customers. You can use local marketing to empower your local […]

Excuses Local Business Use to Avoid the Internet

5 Excuses Local Business Use to Avoid the Internet

When it comes to internet marketing, social marketing, websites, etc., many local business owners sometimes let their fears and feelings get in the way of a sound business strategy.
Top 5 Excuses Local Business Use to avoid the Internet
1. I am not a techie
People often think they need to be a technical juggernaut to use the internet and […]


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