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Debunking ‘Diversity’ by Amplifying Inclusion

In business, as in biology, strength lies in difference, not similarity. According to McKinsey, the most ethnically and gender-diverse companies outperform the least diverse. In today’s global workforce, it doesn’t take government policies to make us see that increased diversity is a strategic imperative for economic gain and growth.
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While I believe in the […]

How the Restaurant Industry Is Reacting to the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protest

In cities across the country today, businesses are participating in a “Day Without Immigrants” by closing their doors in response to the actions of President Donald Trump’s administration. Many Americans did not go to work or school today. The call to action began on social media.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, there were 26.3 million foreign-born […]

Will Facebook Marketplace Be the Next Ecommerce Heavyweight?

Will Facebook Marketplace Be the Next Ecommerce Heavyweight?

Circumstances dictate actions, right? Well, that’s especially true in the ecommerce field. By most standards, ecommerce is a young industry. but as the option goes deeper into its 40s in 2017, the slightest hint of an unfamiliar hue turns the dye a completely different color.
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The reference is to the Indian marketplace. […]


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