Canting (English Edition)

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Synopsis: For the batik-makers, canting, the copper pens to paint batik, are their spirits. At its most glorious moment canting is blown with deep and powerful feelings that are blended with the owner’s breath. But at the present time, hand-painted batik that is made by the usage of a canting is crushed and cornered with the emerging of the new print batik. Hand-painted batik takes months and months to make, but this new kind only takes a couple of blinks. Canting is a symbol of a defeated and isolated culture because it is regarded as to be time-consuming. Ni––a girl who holds a bachelor degree in pharmacy, a bride-to-be from Ngabean––tries to explore hand-painted batik with a canting. Alternatively, she faces strong pressures from Pak Bei, a bold and handsome nobleman; Bu Bei, her mother, who was a batik painter; and her successful siblings. Canting, which is the signature of Ngabean’s batik cannot withstand the market demands. “When we acknowledge a sick culture, we will have to not cry, we will have to raise a flag instead.” Ni decides to be un-Javanese, to be different, to go against the drift in an effort to live to tell the tale. Ni, who used to be born when Ki Ageng Suryamentaram died, is the second generation after her father, who dares to be un-Javanese.

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